1. Who is the real-estate developer of the Domaine des Pionniers?

The Town of Stanstead.

2. When was the project first launched?

Both roads were built during the Summer 2012 and the lots were put up for sale in November 2012.

3. The residential development contains how many lots?

Once completed, the project will have 31 lots, all of which will be ready to build. Phase I consists of 14 lots, all of which have been put up for sale. A park will also be created at the entrance of the domain.

4. When will Phase II be ready?

Construction of Phase II will take place when 75 % of the lots from Phase I have been sold.

5. Are services included?

Yes, all of the lots are connected to the municipal aqueduct and pressurized sewer system. The public road will also be serviced by the Town.

6. What is a pressurized sewer system?

A pressurized sewer system consists of a sewer network where pipes are smaller in diameter than in a gravity system, each house is connected to a miniature pumping system with an integrated grindeThe installation will cost approximately $ 3,000 at the expense of the owne

The low cost of the pressurized sewer system has enabled the Town to significantly reduce the price of its lots.

7. Is it possible to buy two lots and build only one house?

No, one of the objectives of the residential development is to attract new families and new citizens to Stanstead, the development regulation specifically states that owners must build a single home per lot.

8. Is the sale of lots taxable?

Yes, GST and QST must be collected in addition to the displayed price.

9. How long have the owners to build?

As to avoid land speculation, the Town requires land owners to build a house within a period of 18 months from the moment of purchase.

Once the work started, the owner must complete both the exterior siding and the landscaping within 12 months of the date of issuance of the building permit.

10. Is the residential development governed by rules?

Yes, each buyer shall, upon signature of the promise to purchase, sign a copy of the development regulations, which state the various requirements (i.e. type of construction, size, layout, permitted uses, etc.)

The document will be included with the official deed of sale.

11. Do houses have to meet certain building standards in regards to size, height, etc. ?

Yes, houses must meet certain standards, including:

  • Minimum value of $ 100,000;
  • Surface area of 900 square feet;
  • Detached bungalow or two-storey home;
  • Minimum height of 13 feet and a maximum height of 40 feet.

12. The roads are built with ditches on both sides. Does the access to the property have to meet certain standards?

Yes, the owners will have to install a culvert meeting the required standards, for instance, with a diameter of a minimum of 16 inches.